Girl jumping over a cliff

Leap of Faith

The basis of this article was taken from a movie entitled Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade. As I was watching the last part of this movie, a strange phenomenon occurred.  Indiana Jones took a leap of faith.  You say, “I’ve seen that before but what is so important about it?”  Did you notice that […]

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All you need is Jesus!

  A few days ago I was listening to a song by Casting Crown entitled “Only Jesus” and it seemed for that moment all of the frustration, all of the hurt and all of the pain I was carrying just went away. Believe me, what I have been given to...

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The Importance of Having Faith

Each day we are faced with challenges in our lives which cause us to believe God or not. Why do I say that? We are all faced with things that will determine our next step of faith but what about the options facing us? Will those options cause us to...

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Take the Time to Pray!!

Have you ever been in such a hurry that you forgot to pray?  Were you in such a hurry running out of the house to meet someone or to go shopping or trying not to be late for work?  Better yet, when you got in the car driving to your...

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