The basis of this article was taken from a movie entitled Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade.

As I was watching the last part of this movie, a strange phenomenon occurred.  Indiana Jones took a leap of faith.  You say, “I’ve seen that before but what is so important about it?”  Did you notice that the results did not occur until the leap was taken?

Did you notice that the bridge was always there but it was not until he took that leap of faith that he was able to see it?

Did you know that until the “action” was taken the “goal” could not be reached?  As he took the leap, he focused on his goal.  We must take action in order to reach our goals.

God has given each one of us a vision.  In order for that vision to become real, we must take a leap of faith.  Begin now to put into action the things you need to do to achieve your goal.

Webster’s dictionary says a leap is an act that is risky because its consequences cannot be foreseen.  It also means to accept eagerly something offered.

What is faith?  It is an unquestioning belief in God.  It is an unquestioning belief that does not require proof or evidence.

In writing this article a tiny leapfrog comes to mind.  This little creature has to take many leaps to reach his goal.  In our pursuit of the vision God has given us, we may have to take many small leaps before the goal that has been placed in front of us can be reached.  The little frog continues to leap not knowing whether his next leap will place him on solid ground or sinking sand.  His leap is just as Webster states:  it’s risky because its consequences cannot be foreseen.

If you want results some type of action must take place.  James 2:26 says faith without works is dead.

Your dream will only remain a dream until that first leap of faith is taken.  Until Indiana Jones took action the bridge he had to cross remained unseen and his goal remained unreachable.  The bridge you have to cross has been placed in front of you but you won’t see it until you take a leap of faith.

This is not about having enough money in the bank before making the leap but it is about trusting God enough to put it all on the line.


Don’t you think it is time to leap out?

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