I guess we can all look back and ask ourselves what we could have done better in 1999? I can only say look forward. The year 2000 will be a year of destiny. Those things, which you have believed God for will begin to manifest. Do not doubt that God is at work.

The year 2000 for Nikao News International will be a year of growth and destiny. I know God has been preparing me for the last 2 years. I have truly learned that God is in control no matter what the situation may look like. One of the greatest hurts a person can ever experience is to lose a mother. It has taken me this long to really feel happiness again. Through it all I continued to trust God and knew that I could not make it without Him.

A lot of you wanted to know what happened to Nikao News. With God’s help it has survived. We will probably begin publishing a few hard copies for those who do not have the internet but our main focus will be publishing on the Internet. When God has given you a task to do, the job will get done. You cannot allow things, people, etc. to deter that. You must continue to strive for what God has called you to be and to do. It is not important if people do not understand you.

For the past 2 years I have personally been working with the Y2K team on my job and am currently on call this weekend. During this time it was quite difficult to dedicate myself to the job as well as Nikao News. Well, the only thing I have to say to that is, Time’s Up. Year 2000 is here. No more excuses. Nikao News is back!

I want to thank everyone who prayed for me and with me during some very long hours at work for. You shall be blessed abundantly!

The year 2000 will be a year of beginnings for a lot of you. Don’t hesitate when God gives you the instructions to carry out His will. Some of you will begin to travel more. Don’t worry how you will do it, just know whatever God has called you to do He will make the provisions. Take the limit off of God. Stop looking at God through your eyes. God is bigger than that.

As I end, always remember that God gave you a special gift. Expect your gift to flourish in the year 2000. The path God has placed you on has many side streets but do not be dismayed. If you find yourself going down the wrong street, which we all have, get the map out (the Word of God and prayer) and get back on track.

Have a blessed year in 2000!

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