Before reading this article do not assume that you already know what the simple life is. Don’t tell yourself there is too much work to be done and you cannot stop. Those are warning signs. Signs that it is all about you.

At times God will send people into your life, however briefly, to drastically alter the path you are on. That was my case. I met a person the other day who showed me that success was not about what you had but who you had. I knew this already but I guess God needed to give me a visual aid. The man invited me into his place of business to make some arrangements for an event that was coming up. As we moved into his office, I could not help but think that this man did not have a computer in his office. When I mentioned it to him, he turned around and showed me his computer; His Bible! He told me that his restaurant was not fancy like some of the other restaurants but he was happy.

Can you say to yourself that you are truly happy? We have been convinced that in order to succeed we must have all of the newest technologies available. Don’t get me wrong depending on your type of business you will. BUT, if not having everything you need is causing you not to get started WAKE UP!

God never told us to get everything we needed before the manifestation of the vision. We told ourselves. He just said to make ourselves available.

What does this have to do with the simple life? The revelation I received from this brief encounter was that the simple life is resting in Him and knowing that He is in charge of my life. When you begin to realize that what you do is not about you but it is about what God wants, the stress of life will go away. You will realize why God has you in certain situations that you may not like. But remember it is not about you. It is about God. You will even find peace in the midst of the storm.

This man also showed me another bible he had. It was all ripped and beatup with the pages coming out. He said this bible showed how his life had been and what he had gone through to get to this point.

What is the simple life?

You will see that as you give it all to God your life will become less complicated. Learn to live the simple life.

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