Have you ever asked yourself why things are not happening for you? I’ve asked it enough for all of us. Let me give you a brief story of my life in the past few months.

I was suppose to begin swim lessons in January but the YWCA had to cancel. In February I was suppose to begin but I was travelling so I had to cancel. I guess I could have given up but learning to swim has always been a dream of mine. So into March I went with total determination.

On the first session my instructor immediately had me to put my head in the water and blow bubbles. That was not so hard until she told me to glide through the water after she demonstrated first. She said to push off from the side of the pool to give myself momentum through the water. After I saw her do it I felt like I could do it. I pushed off from the side of the pool, emerged my head deep in the water and glided across the pool. It was amazing because I did not feel as if I was moving.

The next session was teaching me about using my arms to swim. Believe me that is not as easy as Tarzan makes it look. But I did it! My instructor was there encouraging me and letting me know she was right there. Whenever I felt awkward she told me she had me before I could ask.

Who does that sound like? God!!!!!!

This is the way God wants us to trust Him. He has given us things to do which seem impossible to accomplish but He has said that He is with us. Sometimes we have to push hard to build up enough momentum to break through the walls we have placed around ourselves.

Are you believing God for a change? Can you see yourself building up enough momentum to break the walls around you? It is a matter of trusting and believing God.

I took my swim instructor at her word and believed her when she told me I would not drown. She actually told me to try to sit at the bottom of the pool. I tried and floated to the top. How much more can I take God at His word?

The months ahead will be filled with lots of accomplishments. Some of the desires in your heart will be fulfilled. As we declare the Glory of God this year, God will manifest Himself to us in ways we can only imagine. Do not be ashamed to let people know what God has done for you. Continue to exalt Him and He will put you on the right path. When the situation seems impossible, push off with all of your strength and break down all of those barriers that are keeping you from your goals.

Remember God gave the vision to you and if He gave it to you He will see you through it!

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