The article below entitled “DARE” was the first article written for Nikao News International in Jan 1996. A lot of things have happen during the 4 years of Nikao News and I’m certain in your life as well. This article challenged me then to keep doing what God has called me to do. There was a time I questioned God as to when my time in Corporate America would end but God in His all-knowing wisdom would only answer “when it’s time”. Are you using the gift God has given you for His glory or yours? I’ve come to a point in my life that it has got to be all of God or nothing. God is the center of my life and the positive responses that I get from people who have been blessed reading Nikao News keeps me going. You have to remember everyone has not been called to be in front of a pulpit. My only desire is to do what the Father has called me to do. Nikao News is reaching people all over the world and is making a difference in people’s lives. Our website is growing and changing. We did not wait for everything to be perfect before starting. I challenge you to stop putting off doing what God has called you to do and DO IT!

Be Blessed!

Angela Renee Bell


Have you placed any thought into the year 2000? What is on your agenda for the coming year? To dare means to have the courage to do something. What have you thought about in the past years but now have decided to do it? Can you dare to make a difference? Can you dare to make a change? Do you have the courage to strive for victory in 2000? Can you see yourself walking in victory? The upcoming year will bring lots of challenges but remember you can do all things through Christ Jesus. The year 2000 will be the year many will break through the glass ceilings and dare to do what God has already instructed them to do. This will also be the year Corporate America, as we know it will change. Many dreams have been discouraged because they were not understood when they were made known. People have been made to realize that their only source of hope is not in a job but in God. Our political system has demonstrated this to us by shutting down the government. Corporate downsizing has also shown us that it is better to invest in your dreams and do something with your talents than to sit still and be counted among those who have not thought about it at all. Don’t be counted among those who are waiting for their ship to come in. For those, the ship has probably passed on by. Be counted among the few who will shatter the ceilings and soar through them. The year 2000 will be the year many will see their visions come to past, knowing that God was in control all the time.


Do all things putting God first

Always remember to pray

Reinvest your talents

Enter knowing God is in control

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