It's Not About You

Take a look at where you are right now while reading this article. Look around. Are you asking yourself questions concerning your future, your life, or whatever concerns you? If you answered yes to this then you are right on target with where God is taking you. I’ll explain further down what I mean by this but first you must understand why God has you in this position.

We have been gifted with certain talents that are specific to the tasks God wants us to complete. The word specific is defined as definite, precise, and explicit. We not only have been given specific talents but God has strategically placed us in certain positions for His purpose. When we begin to understand that our life is no longer our own to do as we please but to do what pleases God then we will accept where we are at this moment.

Last month while on vacation, I had a wilderness experience, which I will never forget. Sometimes you have to get away from everything and everybody to be in a position to hear from God. Having an experience like this excites me because I know when God gets ready to move in my life He has to place me where I can hear Him and only Him. In my life’s experiences, I have found that God will always bring about change to fulfill His purpose for our lives. You may not understand why things happen and you may not like the things that happen but always know that God does not make mistakes. When my wilderness experience was over I knew God had changed me. I knew I was on the right path for where God wanted to take me.

Now let me explain what I meant earlier when I asked you to take a look around you and ask yourself a few questions. I was in a place in my life where nothing was in focus. It seemed like the vision God had given me had completely faded out. I was questioning everything. I cried so much I think I finally ran out of tears. It’s hard to admit but I felt like giving up. I was feeling so low I began to feel like I was suffocating. I didn’t have my Moma around anymore to call whenever I felt bad. When my Moma was alive she would encourage me even if she didn’t understand what I was trying to do. I thank God for my sisters in Christ though. They threw out the lifeline for me. But it wasn’t over. My wilderness experience happened at the same time the rope was being tossed to me.

I heard a song the other day that really clinched my experience. It said “It’s not about me but it’s all about YOU”. I was where God wanted me to be because He had given me a task to complete. You are where God wants you right now because you have certain tasks to complete. He has given us specific gifts to accomplish those tasks. No one else can do it. God has placed certain people in our lives for us to have an affect on. It’s not about us anymore but it’s all about God. It’s about what He wants to do with us. So whether you are sitting in an office or at home, take a look around and see whom God has placed in your life.

So many times we allow ourselves to be victims of circumstance instead of victors in Christ Jesus. God is bigger than any problem we will ever have. It’s not about you but it’s all about God.

This article is dedicated to my Moma, Margaret M. Gunby, who went to be with the Lord in March of 1998. Moma, I know you are now part of that great cloud of witnesses cheering me on.

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