Change Or Be Changed!

Throughout your entire life you will be faced with challenges, good and bad. I think a lot about Joseph and how he continued on even though he was betrayed, deceived, lied upon and you name it by friends and relatives. What kept him going was the dream he had as a child. What almost did him in was speaking that dream to people he thought he could trust. But God had a plan for Joseph just like He has a plan for us now.

Sometimes it is very difficult to see what is in front of us because things can get out of focused. But like photography, to get the right picture you must make several adjustments. This may mean standing in a different position or changing your shutter speed. You may have to adjust your focusing ring to get it sharp or change your aperture to get in focus what you want. Whatever the adjustments, a change must be made.

Challenges in our life can almost seem like setbacks in accomplishing the vision God has given us but if you take a closer look they can also be a way of bringing us closer to the manifestation.

Just recently I was faced with a challenge that almost killed me, literally. If you’ve ever been on any major expressway during afternoon rush hour traffic then you will be able to understand why this particular challenge is ranked in the top 5. While heading home one afternoon, I had to swerve my car to keep from hitting a truck that moved over into my lane without looking. Because of that, my car did some maneuvers that I did not know it could do. I found myself staring at the traffic head-on after my car had turned around about three times. But God had a plan. Instead of the cars getting ready to crash into me as I thought, I began to see them going to the left and right of me. Remember I am facing the cars in rush hour traffic. But God had a plan. All of a sudden I felt my car being pushed backwards where it landed on a patch of grass. No one was hurt and no cars were damaged. This was an awesome demonstration of God’s power and His love! People got out to assist me because I guess they could not believe what had just happened. I was shaken quite a bit. All I could say then was “thank you God!” All I can say now is “thank you God!”. I don’t think those people will ever be the same because they saw this miracle first-hand.

Thinking back over what happened, I knew that angels had to be positioned across that expressway keeping me safe. Picture it, mighty angels lined up with me and my car on one side and the on coming traffic on the other side. It was as if time had stopped for an instance. It took me a few days to calm down and stop crying because I knew I should have been killed. Whenever I would tell someone about it I would cry. Whenever I thought about it I would cry. Now I know you ask why wasn’t I rejoicing and running up and down the streets with my hands up in the air praising God? I guess because I’m human and subject to human emotions. Don’t get me wrong. I was crying because I knew what God had done. Those were tears of joy. I have to admit the first set of tears were those of downright relief. But God let me know that I still had a work to do for Him.

After that day, He began to put a lot of things in focus for me. He began to change me in a way I could not explain without sounding overly zealous. I knew that He was placing me in a different position so I could see the BIG picture from a different angle. I knew that I had been elevated to a different level in my life where I had been changed forever.

Right when you think nothing is happening which will bring you closer to what God has called you to do, that is when you’re closer than you think.

Remember God has a plan for all of us. Don’t let life’s challenges sidetrack you permanently. Get focused on what is really important. Change or be changed!

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Angela Renee Bell

Angela Renee Bell

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