Have you reached the end of your rope? Does it seem like your patience has been tried enough? Read on. Every morning when we awake, there are new challenges waiting for us. But you ask, “What about the old ones?” Read on.

Ask yourself the following:

God is waiting on us. He exhibits patience everyday of our lives. He forgives when we don’t deserve it. He’s always thinking of us. He has love, joy, peace, kindness, goodness and patience for us. He is faithful and gentle with us and he exhibits total self-control toward us. God is love.

You ask “When God?” When we grow up. When we stop whining whenever someone does us wrong. When we can look at a person and truly say we love that person even though we were done wrong. When we can forgive. When we can put the other person first. When we can say it’s not about us.

Yes, there will be new challenges to face us everyday. As a visionary it is very important not to exclude patience from our pursuit of what God has called us to do. There will be days when our patience will be tried but remember we must have patience to be complete. The old challenges will remain until we get an understanding about having patience.

As we grow in the truths of God we will begin to understand more about His plan for our lives. Prov. 19:21 says “Many are the plans in a man’s heart, but it is the LORD’s purpose that prevails. Only through patience will we begin to see God’s plan and purpose for us. Only through patience will we be able to accomplish those things we have been called to do. Only through patience will life begin to take on new meaning. Only through patience will we be able to wait on God. Only through patience will we be able to hear God.

Prophetically speaking: There will be challenges coming your way soon where decisions will have to be made. Do not be haste in your decision making. Take the time to weigh all sides. Show patience with all parties involved. Remember it is the Lord’s purpose which will prevail!

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