How many times have things or people come into your life to distract you from what God has called you to do? As stated in the January 2001 issue, the word smokescreen has been defined as anything said or done to conceal or mislead. According to the Oxford dictionary, a smokescreen was used by troops to conceal or disguise their activities.

In the past few weeks I have been tried by the very words I wrote. While on vacation in New York last month, I unknowingly broke my foot. I thought it was a bad sprain so I limped around for a week. I did not know it was actually broken until an XRAY was taken. Also, I am faced with having surgery that is not related to my foot. After sitting down having a pity party all by myself, the Holy Spirit brought back the word smokescreen to me. He said “Think about it.” The more I thought about what was going on, the more I could see how I was allowing these distractions to cloud my vision. But was it me and were they really distractions? Was there a reason for my foot being broken? Is there a non-medical reason for the surgery?

Then a light bulb came on! Thank you Holy Spirit!

Were my activities being concealed? What was God doing? This is what was spoken to my spirit at 6:57 p.m. on Friday March 2, 2001:

“My daughter you have cried and prayed to see more of me. Your heart is full with a longing to know more about me. In order to show you more I have placed you in my protection. I have covered you with my wings. What has happened to you is no mistake. Do not worry about tomorrow. I already know where your steps will be. I have concealed you because I need to talk to you. When I am finished with you I will blow the smoke away.

Please know that the above words were written as I allowed the Holy Spirit to speak them to me. Take these words for yourself. I have never attempted to write anything unless I know God has instructed me to.

God’s vision for you may overwhelm you but always remember He knows where you are and what you will need. He is preparing you for an awesome task. You are a trooper and at times your actions will have to be concealed from the enemy.

Always give God the glory in everything you do because it is not about you but about God. Step out and be blessed

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Angela Renee Bell

Angela Renee Bell

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