God Is Preparing You

(Previously published September 1996)

Have you ever had thoughts of why you’re doing what you’re doing?  How about why are you in the place where you are now?  Why are you working on a job you really don’t like? Why..why..why?

Let me tell you a story about Joseph.  This young man had a dream which caused his entire life to be turned around.  Joseph dreamed that one day he would reign over his people.  After telling this dream to his brothers they became very angry and began to think of a way to dispose of him.

Rule # 1:  Be careful with whom you share your dream.  Everyone does not have your best interest at heart.


Instead of killing Joseph, his brothers allowed him to be sold into slavery.  But God’s plan was also at work in fulfilling the dream that Joseph had.  He was sold to Potiphar an Egyptian, Pharaoh’s official, the captain of the guard.

Rule # 2:  When all seems lost, remember God’s plan is still at work to fulfill the dream.


Joseph found favor in the eyes of Potiphar and therefore was placed in charge of Potiphar’s household.  He also was entrusted with everything Potiphar owned.  Because of this, the entire household was blessed by the Lord.

Rule # 3:  Because of your diligence and commitment to excellence others will be blessed.


Deceit came quickly.  Potiphar’s wife immediately tried to seduce Joseph and when he refused, she lied on him to cover up her own evil scheme.  Potiphar was angry from what his wife had told him and threw Joseph in prison.  His creditability had been damaged.

Rule # 4:  Be careful and watchful.  When you’re at the top there will be people around who are scheming to bring you down.  Some will succeed.


While in prison, Joseph found favor in the eyes of the prison warden and he placed Joseph in charge of all of those who were held in prison.  God was truly with Joseph.  The warden did not worry about things under Joseph because the Lord gave him success in whatever he did.

Rule # 5:  Always know that God will give you success in all things.  Continue to be faithful.  God is Preparing you with whatever you have been entrusted with.  Don’t question why things happen just know that God has a plan and he is working it out for you.  Don’t forget your vision.


The Lord allowed two workers in Pharaoh’s house to be placed in the same prison where Joseph was confined.  One night they both had dreams and could not understand what the dreams meant.  Joseph was able to interpret the dreams.  Worker # 1 had a favorable interpretation to his dream and worker # 2 had a not so favorable interpretation.  Joseph’s only request to worker # 1 was  when the dream he had comes true, to be remembered to Pharaoh.  Both workers were released.  Worker # 1 was placed back in the position he was in before being placed in prison and worker # 2 was hanged.

Rule # 6:  Don’t ever question why God has placed people in your life.  God has a plan.  Be patient.


After two years had past, Pharaoh had two dreams which could not be interpreted.  Even though worker # 1 had forgotten about Joseph, it was brought back to his memory what Joseph had done for him while in prison.  Pharaoh immediately sent for Joseph and asked him to tell him what his dreams meant.  Joseph indicated that he could not do it but God would give him the answers he desires.  Joseph was able to tell Pharaoh what was going to happen and what he needed to do.  Because of this, Pharaoh felt Joseph would be the right man for the job.  He was placed as the number 2 man in Egypt with Pharaoh being number 1.  No one could do a thing without approval from Joseph.  Joseph’s dream had come true.

Rule # 7:  Always give God the glory and stay prepared to give an answer.  God would not have brought you this far to leave you.


Joseph’s family also had to come to him for help even after all those years.  His brothers knew that they would be killed because of what they had done.  But out of Joseph’s forgiving heart he knew that God was the reason he was in this position.  The words that he spoke to his brothers when they finally met were So then, it was not you who sent me here, but God” (Gen 45:8 NIV)  “You intended to harm me, but God intended it for good to accomplish what is now being done, the saving of many lives. (Gen 50:20 NIV).

Rule # 8:  Always remember the very ones who tried to harm you will be the ones you might have to rescue.  God has placed you where you are now!

So you ask why are things the way they are?  I’ve given you 8 reasons.

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