Have you taken a good hard look at where you are now?  How are things around you?  I can imagine some of Joseph’s thoughts when his brothers tossed him in the pit.  He must have felt betrayed, isolated, angry, scared, you name it. 

Ask yourself these questions:

The list can probably go on but let’s take a look at Joseph.

Last month we saw Joseph as a visionary after he did time in the pit.  This month let’s see Joseph from inside the pit.

I’m sure he must have laid there in shock for a while not believing what had happened to him.  His own family had betrayed him.  Unbelievable!  Does this sound familiar?  I think tears might have formed in his eyes.  No one would be able to see him cry anyway.  I wonder if he was cold?  After standing up and trying to look around, a moment of fear must have set in.  What would be your next thought?  I believe Joseph thought he was going to die.   There was no way out.  There was neither food nor water.   Joseph had time to really think about what had happened to him.  I’m sure after the feelings of betrayal, isolation, and being afraid, he became extremely angry.  Wouldn’t you?

Your family has tried to kill you.

Let’s take a look at Genesis 37.

The NIV translation says before his brothers tossed him in the pit, they stripped him of his richly ornamented robe.  I have always wondered what difference would it have made if the robe never came off.  The same translation says the Hebrew for richly ornamented is uncertain.  How about that!  Joseph had uncertainty taken off of him before going into the pit.

Are you getting the picture?

Before any type of great move in your life, time will be spent in the pit.  Because we waste so much time thinking about what might happen, time in the pit has to take place to make us think about what is happening.  Pit time causes us to deal with our emotions because once we have been delivered from the pit, we must move on into our destiny. 

Pit time will cause you to no longer be uncertain about what will happen because when God placed you in the pit, He removed your robe of uncertainty. Joseph’s robe of uncertainty was actually shred to pieces never to be worn again.

Prophetically speaking: Think it not strange what is happening in your life right now.  You are being prepared for your destiny.  Just as Joseph went from the pit to his destiny so will you.  What you are dealing with in your life right night is not by accident.  Yes you have been tossed in a pit that seems hopeless but always know God is a deliverer. 

What was meant for evil in Joseph’s life turned out to be a blessing for an entire nation.

Think about it.

What seems hopeless right now to you will turn into a blessing for others.  Keep your eyes looking up expecting your deliverance. 

Be blessed!

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