The year 2002 will be the year where you will see the awesome works of God like never before.

The year 2002 will be a year of balance.  Things that have been out of alignment in the previous years will begin to balance out this year.

The year 2002 will be a year where dreams will become more of a reality and visions begin to form.

The year 2002 will be a year of recognized destiny.  You will no longer run from, but to what God has called you.

The year 2002 will place some onto a different path.  The destination is the same but the way you get there has changed.

God has made you unique.  The gifts He has given to you are uniquely yours.  He knows you have what it takes and He will provide you with whatever you need to complete the job.  Do not procrastinate but push forward. 

Do not wonder how God will do it but continue to praise Him!

Growing closer to God will take priority over everything in your life.

Your prayer life will take on a new dimension.

Your worship will rise to a new level.

Your praise will stop being forced.

Those you have been praying for will begin to change for the better.  Don’t stop praying though because warfare will be greater than ever.  PRAY without ceasing!

The year 2002 will be your BEST YEAR ever!  God will bless you so that you can be a blessing to others.

Never lose sight of the vision God has given to you.

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