I had the blessed opportunity to be a part of an actual childbirth a couple of days ago.  The young mother whom I will call “Mary” was so eager for the baby to be delivered.  She had been anticipating this birth for some time.  During the nine months she began to make preparations for the baby.  People began to buy things for this new arrival.  The baby had already been named and everyone had started calling the unborn baby by its name before being delivered.

While I was in the delivery room, I began to reflect on how God wants us to treat the visions He has given us the same way.  We must anticipate the delivery.  We must prepare for it.  We must buy things that we will need.  We must give our vision a name and start calling it by its name. 

Everyone including the midwife seemed to be working hard along with the soon to be mother.  When she said  “push”, it seemed like everyone else began to push.   When “Mary” began to get tired, the midwife would continue to give her encouraging words.  “Mary” knew with each push she was getting closer to delivering.

How often do we get tired during the journey?  That’s why you must have people around you who can give you encouraging words.  You need people who understand the delivery process and can tell you to push even though you have grown weary.

I stood there not believing my eyes when I saw that precious little girl being delivered.  I heard cheers from everyone in the room.  The nurses said it sounded more like cheering at a football game.  Not even knowing it, this baby had a crowd of witnesses cheering her on even before delivery.

At times during our delivery process, it may look like we are all alone but God has placed cheerleaders around us to help us along the way.  I know there have been times when giving up seemed a lot easier than going on but read the words below and hear what the Holy Spirit is saying.

Prophetically speaking:

“The vision will be delivered when it’s time.  Continue to prepare because time is short.  Do not look back on what happened last year.  Do not stay focused on last year’s accomplishments.  This year I will show you more of my awesomeness.  This year you will do more than you did last year therefore expect more to enter your life. I have given you everything you need. Now it’s time to deliver.  Begin to push. The year 2002 will be a year of reflection.  I will show you how everything that has happened in your life has been a direct reflection of the path I have placed you on.  Continue to push because the delivery is near.  Can’t you hear them?  Can’t you hear the cheering?”

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