You know that the devil gets angry, down right mad…. Has to put things in motion to try to distract us, to make us take our eyes off of the goals we have before us, to make us not see that what we are doing is working…. to make us grow weary in well doing….

He’s a liar… he’s the father of lies…. he’s the construction manager of the great smoke screens that are erected in front of us to deceive us into thinking things aren’t going well, that things are totally different than what they really are… Pastor Davis talked about it the other day…. When we are right on the brink of our breakthrough the devil paints a picture, creates a situation that is TOTALLY unrelated to everything else to get us off our focus….


When we are broken, God can put us together after a fashion that is unique to His plan for us.  Hop  back on the potter’s wheel and get the pieces put together and the rough edges smoothed out.

Audrea has been married to Willie for 21 years and is the mother of two sons, Daniel and Cameron. She and her family relocated from the metro Atlanta area to Jacksonville, Florida in 1999.

They are active members of Faith Christian Center in Jacksonville, Rev. George L. Davis, Pastor and Bishop Keith A. Butler, Founder.

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