(Originally printed June 1996)

I’m sure we have all heard of the experiment conducted on a group of fleas where they were placed in a tall jar with the lid tightly shut.  They began to jump as high as they could until they reached the underside of the lid.  The amazing thing about this experiment was when the lid was removed they did not jump any higher. 

Have barriers been removed from your life?  Are you still living inside the barriers?

Webster defines a barrier as a thing that prevents passage or approach.  We always think of the glass ceiling as something that is keeping us from going higher but sometimes this ceiling can prevent things or people from coming to us when we need help. 

We cry out to God in need and when help comes our way the glass ceiling is preventing us from receiving.

The ceiling must be broken not only for us to go out but for God’s mercy and goodness to come in.

The glass ceiling has always been compared to limits placed on people when working in Corporate America but we need to begin looking at this ceiling as limits we have placed on ourselves.

This glass ceiling can become any excuse for not going higher.  Are you using race or gender as a reason for not achieving more?  If your answer is “yes”,  that’s your glass ceiling.  What excuses are you making?  What has your glass ceiling become to you?  Sometimes this barrier can become a safety net to keep the unknown from entering into our lives.  If you say God gave you a vision then it’s time to allow what God has for you to break through.

As I mentioned earlier, this ceiling has two sides, one out (passage) and one in (approach).  Can pride keep help from breaking through?  How many times has God wanted to do things for you, but your attitude prevented the ceiling from breaking?

Can this ceiling really be broken?  I say yes because with God all things are possible. 

Only God can change the circumstances. Only God can break through the barrier to you. Only God can break the barrier to allow you to come out.

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