(Previously published April, 1996)

How many times have you worried needlessly about things you have absolutely no control over? How often do you begin your questions with “what if”?.  Do you toss and turn in bed all night thinking about tomorrow? If you are shaking your head up and down to these questions read on.

One thing we must all realize is that our tomorrows have already been planned by God.  That’s why Jesus emphatically stated three times in Matthew 6:25-34 “Take no thought”. 

If you are in the corporate world, self employed or unemployed, God has your tomorrow in control.  He knows which customers you will see, which meetings you will attend, and which jobs you will accept.  If you’re in school, God already knows your passing grade. Whatever your position in life is today, God has it under control. I use to wonder since God knew all of this in advance then why didn’t He just let me in on it.  But I found out that God was looking for someone to trust Him even if it did not appear to be working out.

Corporate America has  placed fear into so many people’s lives but things are changing.  God’s people are taking a stand and saying “So if you lay me off my God will take care of me”.

Since we trust God and know that our tomorrows have already been planned, then let’s make the most of today.

Get your life organized today!

Prepare yourself today!

Always remember that in the midst of your troubles God is there to handle it only if you let Him.  Don’t become the missing puzzle piece.  God sees the big picture and knows where all of the pieces fit. Give God your tomorrow as well as your today.

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