I was reading “Send” which is the Gospel for Asia news magazine, when I ran across a feedback statement from a reader that said …”I am now fed up with my water-downed walk with Jesus.  I want to immerse myself totally in Him and do His will.  No more will I dictate what I want for my life; I am going to let Him guide me.”  

As I read those words I began to think about my own life and what things I was still trying to hold on to.  Am I letting God totally guide me?  Are you?  Are your vacation plans interfering with what God wants you to do?  Are you willing to take vacation and go on a mission’s trip?  Is your walk with Jesus water-downed? Are you letting God dictate what He wants for you?  Are you living for Christ only when it’s convenient for you?

When you water-down something you make it weaker.  I realized that when you try to hold on to things in your life you are saying that God can’t handle it.  In essence you have watered down your faith.  WOW!  What a revelation!  Let’s give it all to God so that our faith can be STRONG!

Let’s confess together that God will dictate our lives.   God will guide and instruct us.  We will immerse ourselves totally in Him.  It will no longer be our will but His will.

What does this have to do with vision and destiny?  Just remember, God gave you the vision and God will determine your destiny.  Don’t you owe all to Him?

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