Prophetically speaking:

You might not have understood a lot of things God told you to do and you might have turned your face and ignored what God told you to do but listen up.  God is getting ready to remove the barriers, which have been placed around you in order for you to walk into what He has told you to do.

God says not to fear because he has placed you on the path to your destiny.  If you choose to stay on this path you will enter into what he has called you to do.  The decision is yours.

As I write this, God is showing me an ocean with huge waves.  The barriers, which were around you, have prevented you from receiving the overflow of God’s love.  The huge waves represent His love for you.  They represent His power in your life.  

God says prepare for the overflow!

God says prepare for all He has for you!

Your destiny is up to you.  Stay on the path he has placed you on.  You must be aggressive in what He has called you to. 

Allow God to use you.  The gifts He gave to you are still there.  Begin to open up and use them. 

Step into your destiny!

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