I’ve often heard that history repeats itself.  Can you look back over your life and see some of the same mistakes you made being repeated?  As we begin a new year let’s begin to break out of the patterns trying to hold us back.

Leap into 2005 with JOY!

Leap knowing that God is able!

Leap with passion into your destiny!

Leap knowing your destiny is at hand!

Don’t look back but leap forward!

 I have labeled this year as the YEAR OF DELIVERY.  God says in Isaiah 66:9 “Shall I bring to the birth and not cause to bring forth?  Shall I cause to bring forth, and shut the womb?”

The following are usually the 4 basic steps in giving birth:

Step 1:  Conception – Your dream is a seed.

Step 2: Pregnancy – Usually 9 months.  During this time you feel like the birth will never happen but this is the time you really begin to prepare.

Step 3: Labor – This is the most intense time because birth is taking place.  Your dreams are manifesting.

Step 4: Delivery – Your dream has come alive!

God will not bring you to the point of delivery and not cause delivery to take place.  Determine which step you are in. 

Are you praying for something in particular and just can’t see any progress?  Just remember God has heard your prayers.  Pray Isaiah 66:9 and know God will not bring you this far and abort the mission.  Your labor pains can be so intense but this is the time you can’t stop.  You must know that delivery will take place.

Start declaring the year 2005 as your year for delivery! 

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