Have you ever felt your dream was fading into obscurity?  I was looking at an episode of NUMB3RS and the Lord began to minister to me about vision.  The episode was entitled “CONVERGENCE” and one of the main characters was beginning to lose faith.

Now you ask “How can a weekly series made in Hollywood teach me about faith?”  Read on.

Throughout the episode the character “Charlie” was losing focus on his original vision because of working as a consultant with the police department using his gift of mathematics.  This was good works versus calling.  Charlie’s calling was that of a research math professor.

A distraction in the form of another person equally gifted came into town to give a conference on some of Charlie’s work.  Because of this Charlie became unsure about who he was and he lost focus on everything.

In this episode I saw pride beginning to show its ugly head.  Distractions can make you feel as if you are in competition and can cause a lot of stress.  That was the case with Charlie. His distractions caused him to become insecure about everything he knew. 

What does this have to do with anything?  Remember you are not the only one with a vision.  God uses willing vessels to accomplish His work in this world. 

You must stay focused on what God has called you to do. If writing a book is part of that call then write the book and don’t try to write a song.  Pride can keep the solution from coming your direction.  Pride can keep blessings from knocking at your door.  In Charlie’s case his distraction had the solution to the problem.  You will always have challenges in life but do not let these challenges distract you.  As Charlie did in the end, he gave credit where credit was due.  He still had a few issues but at least he was on the right track again.

As you continue with what God has called you to do remember to welcome those challenges and distractions.  They will keep us looking up and not at ourselves.  Distractions could keep us from doing what God has called us to do but I look at it as more fuel for the fire.  Challenges in life will keep you in constant communion with God.  Challenges will cause us to grow. Challenges will keep us learning.

When the vision was given to you, God already knew what was ahead.  He already knew about the Distraction and Challenge duo.  He already knew at what point they would come into our lives.  God knew but you did not.  God also knew you would be able to handle it. 

Prophetically Speaking!

Don’t try to figure it out just know God has it all under control. 

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