Against All Odds

This month’s article is dedicated to 3 people I know who, against all odds, went with God’s plan in fulfilling their destiny. I’ll explain as I go. They have impacted me in a way I don’t think they will ever know but it has caused me to take a huge step of faith in my walk with God.  They have always been there for me through the good times as well as the bad. 

Planning for the future has become the topic of conversation for a lot of baby boomers.  A lot of people seem to be paralyzed with making any step because it is not part of their “5, 7 or 10 year plan”.  Now don’t get me wrong.  Planning is good.  You should always have a plan for the future.  But things can change overnight.  One diagnosis can change your whole outlook and your plan has to be modified.  A lot of people who will read this article will not understand the faith involved when God has called you to do something.  To those, all I can say is continue to seek and you will find.  Don’t let your dreams die with you.  The graveyards have a lot of unsung songs and unwritten books and poems. 

My prayer is that whatever tasks you have been uniquely given to do in this life, do not let it die with you.  Are you satisfied with what you are doing?  Are you doing what God has called you to do?  Do you even have a purpose for getting out of bed?  Are you planning for eternity?  All of the money in the bank will not help you if you die in your sins. 

My heart’s cry is for you to wake up now!  Do not let another day go by without getting it right with God.  Yes, you are here for a reason.  Yes, God loves you.  How long will you run from what God is calling you to? 

I’ve only written a small portion about what the following people did against all odds.  If the odds are not in your favor, remember what God’s word says.  Read Ephesians 3:20 (God is able!), Psalms 23 (The Lord is Your Shepherd), and Jeremiah 29:11 (God has a plan for your life).


Audrea Winbush Lott:


Against all odds, she moved back to Jacksonville, Florida because of her mother’s illness. She and her husband, Willie Lott, gave up their jobs in Atlanta without any surety of income. But God had a plan!   This move did come with a cost.  Her mother later died due to illness.  Audrea and Willie found employment but God wanted more.  After many trials which I’m sure will be written in a book later, Audrea had the opportunity to attend full time bible school.  In order to do this the family would have to go down to one income.  Against all odds, she persevered and graduated on May 5, 2006.  There is a lot more to be said about the faith of Audrea but I’m sure she will write more about it later.  Audrea is a member of Faith Christian Center in Jacksonville, Florida under the leadership of Bishop George L. Davis and Pastor April R. Davis as her pastors.



Pastor Diane Avery:


Against all odds, she suffered 2 collapsed lungs and almost died.  She also suffered with a very disturbing eye problem where she had to endure shots around her eye area. A lot of people would probably have given up and settled into a more cautious lifestyle but Pastor Diane has traveled worldwide sharing the love of God. She is able to do this because of her decision to follow the plan of God for her life.  She ministers with a dynamic force everywhere she goes.  Because of the serious illnesses she has endured, Pastor Diane can pray with compassion and a force like no other. She and her husband, Pastor Euthemnia Avery of Trinity Worship Center International, have decided to follow God at any cost.  Whether preaching to 5 or 5000, the uncompromised Word of God goes forth every Sunday.



Pastor Collette Gunby:


Against all odds, she has persevered through family violence, bankruptcy, illness and death.  I was there when Pastor Gunby worked in corporate America and told me she would be resigning from her job because of the call of ministry on her and her husband’s (the late Pastor Ronald Gunby) life.  You are broke!  How can you resign?  Your husband is paralyzed!  Do you have a plan?  Is your house paid for?  But God wanted more.  I was there when her husband, my brother, died.  The decisions Pastor Gunby made during this time I’m sure were not easy but because she chose to follow God’s plan, they have endured the test of time.  She has ministered to thousands and is Senior Pastor of Green Pastures Christian Ministries in Decatur,Georgia A lot more could be said but fortunately it has been written in her own book.

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