Leaving the Familiar (updated Sept 2009)

Remember everyday is a new beginning!

The following article was written 13 years ago. Little did I know that God was preparing me for some awesome changes in my personal life! I have listed a couple of my “familiars”. If God has told you to make a change in your life please be obedient and change. He will show you what to do! I allowed people to talk me out of making a change I knew God wanted me to make and for 7 months God did not give me rest. When I finally said “yes” I slept like a baby. Please know when it comes to vision God is not playing. He called you to accomplish those things He has set aside for you.

You are unique to God’s plan. He gave you a special gift to use for His kingdom.
July 1996

There comes a time in everyone’s life when change must take place.  A time where you must leave the familiar.  Random House Dictionary defines familiar as something commonly known or seen.  Webster calls it ordinary.

If you take a look around, you may find yourself falling into the ordinary syndrome.  This is where you are afraid to take the challenge.  Each day of our lives we are challenged to go beyond the familiar and as the Star Trek people say “Go where no one has gone before”.  Some people take the challenge and other people stay where they are.

Everyone has thoughts about leaving the familiar but you begin to question these  thoughts.    God has a way of bringing us out of the familiar to complete His purpose.  In the past few issues we have been discussing vision.  How can a vision be pursued if nothing changes with you?

Vision requires newness of life.  It requires freshness.  Vision will cause a shaking up of your familiarity.  Leaving the familiar may be as simple as changing jobs or careers.  It may mean buying a new home for the first time or leaving home.  Whatever it is to you, it is time to do it.

Corporate America would prefer that you assimilate with them or in other words become one with them and think and do as they think and do.  According to this nation within a nation your future belongs to them.  Your family belongs to them.  Your life belongs to them.  Their familiar becomes yours.  You no longer have a desire to pursue your vision and you fall into a trap of contentment and complacency.  In the past few months I have seen people forsake their friends and family because Corporate America has taken away any thoughts of individuality  and purpose.

You may be in pursuit of your vision while employed fulltime but you must be cautious.  You can reach a level of familiarity even in the pursuit.  The tricks used by Corporate America  are subtle.  While working in this corporation of deceit be on the alert and stay focus on what you are doing.  Be careful with whom you share your vision and don’t let your words become too familiar.  Don’t continue to talk about it around people who cannot see beyond  Corporate America.  These people do not have vision and they will always see you as they see themselves in Corporate America?  Words of advice:  Do not share your vision with anyone who does not have a vision of his or her own.

Familiarity will keep you from reaching past the ordinary and soaring beyond the skies.

Leaving the familiar will cause you to blaze the trail for others to follow.

Anyone can stay ordinary but God has not called you to stay ordinary.  He has called you for a purpose.  He has called you to leave that which is familiar and to enter the unfamiliar.  He has placed a Spirit of Excellence within you and has challenged you to go forth.

The familiar may feel comfortable but remember at one point in your life the familiar you are in now was unfamiliar.

What was familiar to me was a marriage of 35 years that ended with the death of my husband.

What was familiar to me was remaining in Corporate America for 37 and retiring. That decision was hard but I knew God was leading me.  I had perfect peace.

Spread your wings and soar!

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Angela Renee Bell

Angela Renee Bell

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  1. You are a gifted writer. I enjoyed reading your newsletter. I will read the back issues later. Continue to do what God has ordained for you to do for such a time as this. You are an ispiration for me to continue to strive to accomplish what I am destined to fulfill in Georgia.

  2. You are a gifted writer. I enjoyed reading your newsletter. I will read the back issues later. Continue on the path that God has ordained for you for such a time as this. You are an inspiration for me to strive to accomplish all that God has destined for me here in Georgia.

    Be blessed!

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