Trust In The Lord! – 8 Lessons I’ve Learned

As I write this I am reminded that I have been in this place before. The place I am writing about is a place where so many people have been and are currently in.  What’s the name of this place? “JOB LAYOFF ROAD”. After 18 years of faithful service I was laid off without notice.  Fortunately the layoff came with 6 weeks of severance pay.

Lesson # 1: Be careful how you pray.

In 1990 because I was very immature in the Word of God, my prayer was to leave that job because I was not getting the pay raises I thought I deserved.  I was doing all of the work anyway. MY PRAYER WAS ANSWERED.

Lesson # 2:  Stay busy.  Give of your time.

During the summer months of my unemployment I began to volunteer at a youth camp on the weekdays.  My Saturdays were devoted to the outreach ministry at my church.

Lesson # 3:  Learn the Voice of God.  Know when He is speaking to you.

During that time God allowed a door to open for a job 3 miles from home.  I thought this was the perfect job until my workdays extended into the weeknights and weekends. Being more mature in God’s Word I began to seek God as to what He would have me to do.  I was rehearsing in my mind all of the reasons I should stay and all of the reasons I should quit.  God reminded me that He allowed me to work there but it was not His will for me.

With complete confidence, I resigned.

Lesson # 4:  Stay humble.

I did not get a job right away.  Days turned into weeks and weeks turned into months.  I was sending résumés to all of the different companies where I wanted to work.  Money was getting low at home and the pressure was on. Thank God for a praying husband!  I would go to the mailbox with anticipation of what God would do.  As a result of work I had done a year earlier, a $2000 check was waiting for me in my mailbox but I knew that would not last.

As I was praying and seeking God, I cried out asking “WHY CAN’T I FIND EMPLOYMENT?  I KNOW YOU WANTED ME TO QUIT THE LAST JOB”.

With clarity once again, God responded, “BECAUSE YOU HAVE NOT ASKED ME FOR A JOB”.

I was going through the motions of filling out applications and sending out résumés but I never asked God what job He wanted me to have.  That’s when I fell on my knees and repented.  GOD WHAT JOB DO YOU WANT ME TO HAVE?

Lesson # 5: Believe with God ALL things are possible.

God directed me to go to a company that specialized in finding jobs.  After 2 weeks of interviewing and résuméwriting I received 3 job offers.  Not wanting to be out of God’s will again, I asked which of the 3 should I take.  He allowed circumstances to come which eliminated 2 of the 3 jobs. The remaining job is where I spent the next 13 years. During this time God showed favor to me with pay increases and bonuses.  I also was surrounded  with co-workers who knew the power of prayer.

In 2009 this company decided to move Southaven, Mississippi and gave all employees 9 months notice to either relocate with the company or find another job.  My co-workers and I began to pray and ask God to give us more time.  Within a few months the company said that 2009 was not “economy favorable” and they would close in the Fall of 2010.

Lesson # 6: Don’t forget what you have learned.

I was asked to name my salary and move with the company but I did not want to leave Georgia.  Once again after networking with everyone I knew, I began filling out applications and sending out résumés but this time I was reminded what God had done for me in the past, therefore I did not hesitate to make my request known to God.

Lesson # 7: Be specific in your prayer requests to God.

My requests to God were:

1.    I did not want to stay at the same company.

2.    I only wanted to take a few weeks off between jobs.

3.    I wanted to do a similar type of job.

4.    I did not want to drive too far from home.

5.    I wanted to start my day early in order to end early.

I began to ask God what He wanted me to do while I was waiting on my new job.  He said whatever you find your hands to do to help, do it. I was also content knowing that God would take care of my family and me because we were tithers of our money and time. God has not let us down in the 25 years we have known Him personally. Only believe all things are possible.

Lesson # 8:  Be radically obedient.

I was asked by one of the managers to teach him a job function to relay to the associates in Southaven.  Out of obedience to God, I asked if I could volunteer to go to Southaven and teach the associates directly.  Out of his surprise and amazement, the manager asked how long could I stay?  After getting the support from my husband, I began on my journey.

For six long and lonely weeks I would fly to Southaven and return on the weekends.   God continued to remind me that to whom much is given much is required.  The associates could not believe that I was volunteering to help out.  This opened the door to witness to them about God’s goodness, grace and mercy.  At the hotel where I stayed, God allowed me to witness, pray and testify to every employee about what God had done and will do.

While checking my personal emails I noticed an email from a company requesting an interview about a job I had applied to 4 months earlier.  

God you are awesome! I called the company while in Southaven and the interview was done over the phone. That’s God! While 3 managers were interviewing me, I was asking God to help me. He did!

A week later I received a call from the same company requesting that I come in for another interview as soon as I return to Georgia.  At that time I was offered the job with a 2-week start date.

God went beyond answering my 5 prayer requests.   All I can say is trust God.  Sometimes you don’t know why He’s taking you in a certain direction.  Just know it will work out for your good, if you trust Him.

Brenda Porter,

Child of God

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