How do we consistently embrace God’s simple, enlightened life lessons?  What divine directions does the Holy Spirit give to each of us?  Let us explore the inner workings of life lessons.

Early morning, I arise and begin to wonder about many things.  Trying to avoid “pit patting” about the house, I quiet my anxious heart.  The Holy silence captivates my soul as I peacefully breathe in God’s brand new day.  His pupil is ready to seek a course of sacred instructions.  It is an educational dialogue with the God of salvation about why, who, when, or what the life’s day will present.  Time to embrace a service of sweet worship.

David prayed, “God teach me lessons for living so I can stay the course.”  {Psalm 119:33, The Message Bible}.  Spiritual life lessons are composed of truths birthed from a relationship with God and from experiences with Him.  These principles and insights taught and learned about God, relationships, problems, temptations, success, and every aspect of life greatly support our ability to walk in faith and victory.  It is difficult in our own strength. So, we must learn God’s ways and make it stick.  Begin to recognize and maintain the Holy Spirit’s life lessons.   Your God-designed heart will thrive.

December 12, 2009, I broke both wrists and dislocated the left wrist.  The medical x-rays revealed that my bones were now the consistency of oatmeal.  “God, I cannot fix this,” was my first heart’s cry.  I acknowledged my severe weakness and the glaring facts that physically I could do absolutely nothing about the quality of my life.  During this testing of God, I grasped a renewed wisdom; an in-my-face awareness of things I thought I knew prior to the tennis accident but divinely did not know as you can read below:


God healed and made me whole without surgery.  The good Lord gave me new bones.  Upon my initial return to tennis, the Decatur Divas won the Division Championship by 1 point from the winning match that I played.  Divine Redemption! God gave me keener tennis skills and I learned not to go backwards.

Life Lesson:  God’s children are not designed to go backwards or live in the past.  Our spiritual DNA mandates moving forward to Advance the Kingdom of God.

Please be encouraged.  Always seek the Wonderful Counselor’s divine plans, messages, and thoughts for life lessons.  The Lord Jesus came to His people on earth to impart radical knowledge and demonstrate miraculous skills. He is the Teacher of teachers.  The Pupil of pupils.  When we operate in the strength of the Lord Jesus Christ, we live a very smart life.  Creatively love mastering the commitment to obediently follow God’s commands.  High-spirited rewards exist – a whole life of one long obedient response, “Yes Lord.”  A Christian life clearly booming with discipline, patience, joy, peace, healing, faithfulness, love, steadfastness, forgiveness, beauty, mercy, and favorable privileges.



From the desk of

Angela Renee Bell

I pray that you have been blessed from this timely insight of Life Lessons which were truly inspired by the Holy Spirit!

Min. Lenora Biera-Lewis who is being used mightily by God is joyfully married to Rodney Lewis and is the mother of 2 sons, James & Nicholas.

Lenora’s Ministry Timeline:

1995 – Became a member of Green Pastures Christian Ministries, Inc.

2004 – Received Bachelor’s Degree in leadership/biblical education from Beulah Heights Bible College (4.0 GPA)

2005 – Founded Christian Working Woman Workplace Bible Study

2006 – Ordained by Green Pastures Christian Ministries, Inc.

2010 – Founded Redeeming Love Workplace Bible Study

Lenora is part of the Praise & Worship Team and is one of the Marriage Enrichment Class instructors at Green Pastures.  She also contributes to her community as a reading mentor to children through Page Turners and Everybody WIns!

To receive more info about the Workplace Bible Studies and community reading mentor program please send Lenora an email.

Lenora is a vegetarian who loves the mountains, reading, baking, tennis, yoga and pilates, writing, traveling, listening to beautiful classical music, and football.  She also is a connoisseur of good food and fine dining.


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