Have you ever been at a point in your life where everything appeared to have dried up?

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I could not think of anything to write on.  It was as if my creative juices had turned sour.

You ever been there?

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My eyes and ears were tuned to any and everything that could possibly turn into an article to write but nothing appeared.  I had a list of topics but none of them were what God wanted me to write on. Then inspiration hit!

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I had been listening to a song by Yolanda Adams called “Never Give Up” and in that song she was singing about life’s stumbling blocks.  That was it!  A stumbling block had fallen in my way and I was stuck.  The song kept encouraging me to Never Give Up.


The Holy Spirit inspired the following prophetic words:

As you travel the many roads toward your destiny always know I will be with you.  I have never forsaken you.  The road may become blocked but know I have the power to unblock it.  Always keep your eyes on me.  Never look to anyone else for your answers.  I am the great I am!  I know your beginning and your ending.  I know where you are right now.  I’m telling you not to give up.  The stumbling block is no longer there because I have removed it.  Continue to pursue what I have told you to do.  I have given you everything you need.  I am telling you “Never Give Up!”

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