The theory behind The Butterfly Effect comes from mathematician and meteorologist Edward Lorenz who determined that by the simple flapping of a butterfly’s wings it could set molecules in motion which in turn set other molecules in motion which would in turn cause a great weather disturbance in some other part of the world. To learn more about this theory click here.


Now along comes Andy Andrews who wrote the book The Butterfly Effect. Mr. Andrews took this theory of the Butterfly Effect and applied it to everyday life.


After reading the book, it became so clear about how every action we make will in some way or form affect the future. God equipped the butterfly with a simple pair of wings. What has God equipped you with? We are here for a purpose. God has given us gifts and talents for a purpose. My question is why are we not seeing more results from our actions? This quote from The Butterfly Effect answered my question: “There are generations yet unborn whose very lives will be shifted and shaped by the moves you make and the actions you take today. And tomorrow. And the next day. And the next.”

There are a few more quotes from this book that basically turned it around for me:


“Every single thing you do MATTERS.”

“Your life…And what you do with it today…


“Every single thing you do MATTERS.”

“Every single thing you do MATTERS.”

“Every single thing you do MATTERS.”


Don’t you get it now?  Because of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ there is nothing too impossible for us.  We have been placed on this earth with a purpose.  It does not matter whether we get to see the results.  We are because He is!  Every single thing you do MATTERS because it MATTERS to God!



Acts 17:28

New International Version (NIV)

28 ‘For in him we live and move and have our being.’




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