A Little Background!

When God gave to Moses instructions for the building of the Tabernacle and how to furnish the interior, God also gave to Moses two specific craftsmen (Bezalel and Oholiab) to make everything for the interior of the Tabernacle.

Exodus 31:1-6: (NIV) 

Then the Lord said to Moses, 2 “See, I have chosen Bezalel son of Uri, the son of Hur, of the tribe of Judah,

3 and I have filled him with the Spirit of God, with wisdom, with understanding, with knowledge and with all kinds of skills- 

to make artistic designs for work in gold, silver and bronze,  

5 to cut and set stones, to work in wood, and to engage in all kinds of crafts. 

6 Moreover, I have appointed Oholiab son of Ahisamak, of the tribe of Dan, to help him. Also I have given ability to all the skilled workers to make everything I have commanded you.

Today’s Thoughts! 

Everyday we are given the opportunity to do what God has called us to do. As with Bezalel and Oholiab, we already have the skills to do the job but are we using those skills for God’s Glory?

God has gifted us for a reason. So what if you can’t preach? So what if you can’t sing? So what if you can’t play a musical instrument?  Does that mean God can’t use you? NO! Again I say NO!

I know I can’t sing, preach or play an instrument but what I can do is use the writing and photographic abilities that God has given to me for His Glory.

Where do you fit? Consider yourself a puzzle piece which is part of the bigger puzzle and without your piece the puzzle is incomplete. You are part of God’s purpose.  Ask Him to show where you fit.

Use what God has given to you. The more you use what you have, the more God will fill you with His wisdom, understanding and all kinds of skills as He did with Bezalel.

God chose the best! If you belong to God then you are one of the best God has!

Be blessed!

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