Angela Renee BellA few days ago I was looking for something that I thought I had lost but instead God pointed me to a notebook that I had maintained in the year 2004. There were clippings from various Christian writers who wrote what I needed to read at that time. God used them mightily and I will forever be grateful.

Fast forward to the year 2015. Eleven years have passed. My question to God is why show it to me now? The year 2004 was the year when my husband who is deceased now was diagnosed with cancer. The year 2004 was the year when I was recuperating from major surgery. The year 2004 was the year when the dots were scattered.

What was God doing? What did He want me to see? There it was. An article written by Chuck Pierce, dated August 31, 2004 entitled Seven Days of Stillness: A Prayer Focus to Renew Your Spirit. I had underlined the following from his article:

“If I would allow Him to quiet and purify my heart from the past season (no matter how good the past season had been) and calm my anxieties over certain circumstances and fears over the future, then I would SEE God.”

God is so gracious and understanding. I was curious to see if I had written anything during the year 2004. I had written one article dated December 15, 2004 entitled Do You Really Believe?  The last part of this article blew me away: “God will go before you in all of your endeavors. (Isaiah 45:2) Don’t make decisions without including God. Trust God in everything you do.”


Are there some dots that need to be reconnected in your life? God must be first in everything you do. One thing I know without any doubt is God will never fail you. He will reconnect what should be reconnected. Trust Him!

The article I wrote asked the question “Do you really believe?” I can answer now eleven years later, YES! I realize now there are some dots that will never reconnect and that is OK. God loves us so much. He wants the best for us. My desire is to let my life exemplify the love of God. What about you?

Matthew 5:16 – Let your light shine before men in such a way that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father who is in heaven. (NASB)

My notebook has a prominent place on my bookshelf. I added “2004- My Time with God” to the binder.

The year 2015 is the year when the dots will reconnect.

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