2016-04-30 08.20.38Have your ever thought about the events or changes that occur in your life as chapters?

If you looked where you are currently in your life what chapter number would it be?

Have you decided there are no more chapters to be written in your life because you have stopped trying?

Have you become complacent with your life?

Well my friend this will not be a long article but I pray it reaches your heart.  I am a huge fan of British mysteries and my favorite is Murdoch Mysteries.  Their 9th season was just released and yes I have seen all of the episodes.  While watching episode 16 there was a conversation between a constable and a doctor in training.  The doctor in training wanted to give up but the constable had several comments but this one really stood out for me:

“If you don’t try you will never know where trying would have taken you.”  This quote has been around for a while and has been worded differently by many people.

My answer to anyone who has stopped trying, START your chapter.  Give it a title.  I realized all of the articles written by me on my blog were chapters in my life.  It also helped me to see how God was with me then and how He remains with me now.

God’s Word is saturated with verses that will keep you from becoming discouraged and giving up.  Below are a few of my favorite verses in

Joshua Chapter 1:

v.5 - …I will not fail you or forsake you.

v.6 - Be strong and courageous!

v.7 – Only be strong and very courageous.

v.9 - …Be strong and courageous!

v.10 - …only be strong and courageous.

“If you don’t try you will never know where trying would have taken you.”   Can you imagine how great the journey will be knowing God is right there with you? Start that new chapter!

You may not be a writer but use what God has given to you.

Be totally and awesomely blessed!



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