What I am about to write will probably not sit well with a lot of Christians but it must be said. My prayer is that love will overcome the hatred and bigotry which is taking over this country—My country! Your country!

How can this be? Is fear causing you to stay at home where you believe everything is safe?  Do you walk away from opportunities that would help you spread the Gospel?  What on earth are you doing?  I’ve been saying the phrase “It’s Time” for quite a while. I finally asked myself “time for what?” The answer was not hard. In the previous years of publishing Nikao News, the writings were about goals and vision and this will not stop because God has given everyone a purpose whether we realize it or not.

I have seen more hate among people calling themselves Christians. Why is this? Why would a person hate because of skin color? Why would a person hate another person?  Why would a person hate? The answer is so simple. How can any of us say that we are followers of Jesus Christ when no one can see Him in us? Maybe it is time for all of us to take a look at ourselves in the mirror.

Years ago I cried over a young man by the name of Matthew Shepard who was beaten because of his sexual preference. The men who beat him left him to die on a fence. I asked myself did anyone ever get a chance to talk to Mathew. How about his mother? Did anyone care? People calling themselves Christians provoked this tragedy. When will it stop?

Every day we are presented with opportunities to spread the Gospel.

Note: In my research about Matthew Shepard I found that his death might have been caused because of drugs. What I remember is a 21-year-old student was beaten to death. Was it because of drugs or was it because he was gay? It does not matter.  A mother’s son is dead.

Never forget what is found in John 3:16.

For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

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  1. Hi Renee, your message is right on time. I have been having similar thoughts about Christians and behavior. I came across a quote, “if it weren’t for Christians I would be one.” This individual went on to say he believes in Jesus and His gospel but is turned off by His follower’s behavior. This quote got my attention. I pray that people see Jesus in my behavior.

  2. Your comments are so on point. The scripture also says “Whosoever believe in Him shall not perish…” for all believers “to be absent of the body is to be present with the Lord.” If the young man had surrendered his life to the Lord it doesn’t matter how he was treated it only matters about his relationship with the Lord. We must all give in account one day what we do and say on this side of Glory!

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