People have mentioned to me that their trials have made them trust God more. After I thought about it they were absolutely correct. I realized the trust comes when you do not have an alternative. On the other hand, you may have an alternative but you trust God to keep you on His path.

Trust comes when you know God will take care of it.

Trust comes when you say “Not my will Father but thy will be done.”

Trust comes when you can genuinely smile.

Trust comes when you know God has it under control.

Trust comes when you step into the unknown and it looks mighty dark.

Trust comes when all you hear is “No”, “Sorry” or “We will call you”.

I have met so many people who I believe were sent by God to me.  There were days when the encouragement was not there and all I wanted to do was stay away from people. God will always have that one person who is not afraid to “get in your face”.

Below are my words of encouragement to you:

God will never fail you.

God will be there for you.

God loves you.

God sacrificed His Son for you!

Choose to believe God! (Yes you do have a choice).

Your trials will cause your faith to become stronger and stronger.

When you are afraid to take that leap of faith, trust God and know that He has it all under control.

Read your Bible.

Keep a notepad and pen nearby (you will understand why).

Stay focused on the path God has placed you on. Understand the people God has placed in your life are there for His purpose.

Be totally blessed!

Angela Renee Bell






Angela Renee Bell, Your encourager!

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  1. September is my birth month and a very special celebratory season for me. I celebrate the whole month, lol! This article was special as well as it made me think about trials that increased my faith, it gave me a moment of great reflection, thank you! Love & blessings from beautiful Santa Marta, Colombia, South America ❤

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