Have you ever been in such a hurry that you forgot to pray?  Were you in such a hurry running out of the house to meet someone or to go shopping or trying not to be late for work?  Better yet, when you got in the car driving to your destination, did you think everyone else was driving too slow?

What about on Sundays?  Are you speeding trying to get to church on time?

Did you make it?

So here is my question for all of us.  Did you take the time to pray? I can honestly say NO.

We all have good intentions but, good intentions become excuses for our mistakes.


My Prayer:

Father, help us to recognize that our focus must remain on You. When we get in our vehicles, or on the bus, or bike or just walking, help us to slow down. Father, show us how.

Thank you for loving us and for caring for us and for disciplining us when needed. Thank you for being our Father who loves us.

I love you, my Lord and my Savior.

In closing, thank you, my Lord, for showing us how to take the time to pray.

In the name of Jesus!



Angela Renee Bell








Get your gear and get going!

Be totally blessed!

Angela Renee, Your Encourager!

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