John 3:16Have you ever had a day or maybe a week or maybe a month that has kept you from studying your Bible, or hanging out with friends at your favorite coffee place?

Have you ever had days that felt longer than 24 hours?

Have you ever had days that you wish you could have a do-over?

Have you ever had days that you wish time would stand still?

One of my favorite movies of all time is The Day the Earth Stood Still starring Michael Rennie. I have seen the newer versions and honestly, I wish I could have turned back the time. Most people who really know me are aware that I hate remakes.
I have seen black and white movies that were colorized and instead of leaving it in black the color made some of the people’s skin color look orange.

So, what am I trying to say?
Sometimes it is best to leave things as is.

Ever since I retired from my corporate job of 30 plus years, I have had opportunities come my way which I never could have imagined. I have learned that nothing is more important than my relationship with my Father.

God has brought friends my way that I have adopted as my brothers and sisters.
The best thing about it is, I have peace within myself.

So, if you ever have one of those “have you ever” days, just smile and know God is in control.
Remember this: Jesus paid the ultimate price for all of us.






Get your gear and get going!

Be totally blessed!

Angela Renee, Your Encourager!

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  1. I look forward to your encouraging words each month. Always on time! Thanks for allowing God to use you.

  2. Amen! Renee. I have had those days in my earlier Christian days. However as I began to mature in my relationship with the Lord the “have you ever” and the “wish I never” have been long hidden behind the Cross. Now I am so Grateful for the “I AM” in Christ.

    Love you my Sister Renee
    God’s Blessings to you always!

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