As I write this article, I realize there will be a lot of children with their parents going out for Trick or Treat tonight.  I would like to preface this by stating I do not participate in Halloween. As a child my parents allowed me and my brother to go Trick or Treating but as we got older, we did not want anything to do with Halloween.

What do you pass out to the kids? Do you give the adults something different? Do you take advantage of this opportunity and pass out Biblical tracts like Chick Tracts along with the candy?

This is a serious question. It is time to stop pretending and get real with God.  So, you say “my friends attend church every Sunday” (before COVID_19). “They are so nice to everyone.” Being nice is a good trait to have but being nice or attending church every Sunday is not being born again.

As adult Christians, sometimes we can miss opportunities of sharing the Gospel with others because we are not comfortable about sharing the Gospel. Well, check out  Chick Tracts.   You will see there is no excuse for not sharing the Gospel.  David Daniels has a tract for everything and everybody.

So as the title of this article suggests, The Word of God cannot be stopped.  Chick Tracts has given us the “how”.  Now it is up to us to do the rest.


Get your gear and get going!

Be totally blessed!

Angela Renee, Your Encourager!

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