What Will It Be?

Sola Scriptura

In a few more weeks we will enter a brand new year.  Will it be YOUR year for doing something different? Will it be YOUR year for doing something better? Will it be YOUR year for a change? Will it be YOUR year when you finally say “YES” to God? We all have said, “the […]

Be Encouraged – Stay Encouraged

  How do you stay encouraged? Stay in the Word of God. Be careful of the words you speak to others. Carry yourself in a way that honors God. Do not have two faces (one for home and one for outside of the home). Choose your friends wisely. Have patience with others. Show God’s Love […]

Mission Accomplished!

I have been on a journey for a long, long time.  When my husband, Jeff, died on May 19, 2007, there was a sense of relief and sadness.  I knew my life would never be the same. We were married for over 30 years but somewhere along the way, we grew apart.  We were never […]

Your Trials, Your Trust, Your Path

People have mentioned to me that their trials have made them trust God more. After I thought about it they were absolutely correct. I realized the trust comes when you do not have an alternative. On the other hand, you may have an alternative but you trust God to keep you on His path. Trust […]

Your Actions-Your Words-Your Life #1

We will all be accountable for our actions, our words, and the life we are living. Your actions – If your actions do not glorify God then who are they glorifying? Your words –  If your words do not glorify God then who are they glorifying? Your life – If your life does not glorify […]

What About The Clouds?

I have been taking pictures of clouds for some time and I am still amazed at God’s masterpiece! It appeared that I had become totally obsessed with clouds and did not understand why until I read Revelation 1:7 which tells us Jesus will come with the clouds. JUST KNOW THIS!   God loves us – […]