Spending Time In The Pit

Nikao News | Joseph thrown in the pit by his brothers. | Images copyrighted by Curtis and Pip Reid of Bible Pathway Adventures who have granted permission for educational purposes only. All other Rights Reserved.

Have you taken a good hard look at where you are now?  How are things around you?  I can imagine some of Joseph’s thoughts when his brothers tossed him in the pit.  He must have felt betrayed, isolated, angry, scared, you name it. Ask yourself these questions: Am I feeling betrayed? Do I feel isolated […]

Designed By God

Twin brothers identical

You have been uniquely and wonderfully made for the work God has given you to do. Even if you have an identical twin and share identical DNA, even if you dress like and sound like the other person who came from the same egg as you, there are still things about you that are different […]